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Evergreen Marketing

Are your efforts resulting in a clear ROI for the business? High converting marketing is a combination of consistency across channels, testing & pivoting and follow up.


Attraction Marketing

Your brand is what connects to the hearts and the minds of your audience. Your brand must be a reflection of your companies values and vision for the future.


Social Marketing

Companies win when they authentically listen & engage with their audience. A content strategy that communicates the right message, to the right people, in the right way.


Yolo Marketing

Sometimes, you just need to say 'f*ck it' and get out of your own way. Send the scary email, share the deep and personal story. All it takes is a moment of bravery.


Let's grow...

You know content creation is important but there's just so much to do!!

Should you focus on video, copy, Reels, stories, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube?!

Even worse, you can spend hours on a single piece of content for it to disappear from the timeline in just hours, or worse, you put in all that effort and receive zero engagement. That's a real kick to the gut!

After working with some of the word's biggest

brands, we'd like to think.. we know a thing or two about content that attracts, engages and - most importantly - converts those dream clients of yours.

And we want to give you a fast track approach to figuring out, what content and media creation you should be focussing on to help your business grow.

Whether that be evergreen content, leveraging social media, attracting your ideal clients or throwing caution to the wind and yolo'ing your content. We can help.

How it works

This scorecard was designed to be easy, yet effective in identifying areas of improvement with your content and media marketing activities.


We're passionate about social media, content creation and beautiful media.

What our clients have to say


The team at Easy Peasy Business know their stuff, it’s great to have worked and be working with such a highly motivated team who understand the how, what and the why. I can’t wait to grow my hypnotherapy business to dizzy hights with greater vision. We love Easy Peasy.”

Emily Hayden
Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher


I loved working with Easy Peasy who have worked to build my entire front and back end for my coaching business. Their knowledge is incredible and their commitment to helping me share my message to the world is inspiring. They produce high quality content and go above and beyond.

Natalie Crawford